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The thoughts and feelings that you have every day are ultimately responsible for creating your reality. This means that negative thought processes will allow you to develop an unfavorable outlook on life. If this is an issue that you find yourself struggling with, then you have come to the right place. Wise Heart Coaching & Hypnotherapy offers hypnotherapy in Beaverton, OR.

Hypnotic therapy is a unique opportunity to search beneath your surface-level challenges, allowing you to deal with trauma, stress, and repressed emotions. By addressing life stressors in the subconscious mind – rather than the conscious mind – you will be able to quickly heal past negative beliefs and traumas, leading to a healthier, more joy filled life.

As a trained and certified 5-Path and Heart Centered Hypnotherapist, I stand by the highest of standards in professionalism. Hypnosis works to heal many different issues including anxiety, weight, smoking, sex, fear and so much more. I welcome questions about hypnotherapy and suggest that you book a 30 minute Free Discovery Session with me and find out if together we can create the change you are looking for in your life. Make me your hypnotherapy specialist today!

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