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Alternative healing is an excellent addition to the more traditional allopathic healing. Alternative methods, such as Reiki, can be used to help promote your body’s inherent abilities to heal. Reiki can help release blockages in your aura and body to help you naturally heal your energy, your body, and your spirit.

The use of Reiki as a form of healing dates to the 1900’s in Japan and has been gaining rapid popularity throughout the West. Reiki therapy has been used to heal illness, pain, and stress. In addition, it serves to enhance the quality of your energy, resulting in renewed motivation and a more positive outlook on life. This healing practice is completely safe for anyone.

Before the process begins, as your Reiki practitioner, I will ask you to set your intentions for your session. You will then sit or lie down in a comfortable position, and begin to relax while I invite positive energy and spiritual assistance into your healing. I will focus specifically on your chakras, working to rebalance your energies. You will experience a deeply relaxed state, which will allow your body and mind to heal.

Reiki makes an excellent addition to both coaching and hypnosis.

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